Lab, playful, fun

Fast, aggressive, digs holes

Allie Heavilin

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Start the engine it won’t bite.

No holding back

Or just hear a sudden crack

Watch out for the snow man

More fun than walking

Or just sit and do the talking

But no fun you feel wipeout and feel the chill of the snow

Its fun just let it run

Let off some steam but don’t fall

Especially in the mud

So you fall with a grin so ride some more

chase morgan

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Crackers and dip are there
Hear the sleigh bells jingle
Ride with Santa to his beautiful village of elves
Icicles hang from the roof tops
Tomorrow is Christmas EVE night
See Santa on the Santa train
ME and you gathered around the fire place for
As Santa is putting your presents under the Christmas tree you wake up and ask what you get me this year (kindly)
Seems like some thing is in your Christmas tree oH

Bryana Akers

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Puzzles and dolls

Rings and necklaces

Easy bake ovens and yo-yos

Sweets and sours

Ear phones and ear plugs

Nuts and raisins

Tutus and pom-poms

Brooke Breeden

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My sister’s dog

Likes it when he gets treats

We all like him so very much


Megan Rucker

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Dee Dee

Dee Dee

Lazy, fat, big.
Why are you on my couch?
Never want you to die at all.
Fat dog
Dalton Heavilin
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The turkey sitting on the table

Ham included to

And sitting with your family

Not being rude

Kind is the word to be

Stuffing your self with tasty food.

Giving thanks to your family

It is fun being with family

Very good things to think about

I would like to have Thanksgiving every day

Nagging for more food

Giving thanks is the best thing to do

Ashlyn McPherson

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